Saturday, August 8, 2009

#WTFHappened CSI Interstate 87. Jewelry Giveaway Contest

#WTFHappened? CSI Interstate 87. My first Jewelry Giveway Contest.

Driving back downstate from the Catskill mountains, as I often do, you’re bound to see many things. Deer crossing the road. Deer who didn’t cross the road ON the road. Puke in the backseat of the car if you get stuck in stop and go. Lots of pick ‘em up trucks. Ski racks with kids tied to them.

My 15 year old son and I have the exact same sense of warped humor. We have this odd way of saying the same random punchline at the same time. We just think the same things are stupid. I’m not sure if he has a woman’s brain in his head or if I have the brain of a 15 year old boy. I try not to think about it.

Fact is, we both started laughing like two drunk VIPs at a redneck tour show when we saw this minivan next to us. We didn’t just see it for a minute. We were stuck in traffic on 87 for 2 hours. It stalked us. And we just kept laughing. Because..look..that’s just some weird-ass mud splatter pattern you have there. This van was perfectly clean in the back. The whole front was an insult to OCD-you’re-not-eating-THAT-in my-car van driving mommies everywhere. It was thick and it was strange. We saw somebody else taking pictures of it too. Which made us laugh even longer. At least we were classy enough to keep the camera INSIDE the car.

Have some fun with me. Tell me what happened to this Honda Odyssey, license plate beginning in XXL (not kidding) and ending in 8. Tweet it @sueannesjewelry and please use the hashtag #WTFhappened so I can keep track. No dms please. 

The most random and creative answer will win a $50 gift certificate for my jewelry. Winner will be announced Tuesday Morning. Two entries per person is cool.
And if the person comes forward who was driving that van, they get a $50 G.C. too. Virginia Plates.

You have 36 hours.... Get out your swabs and black light and GO!
And the winners are....Miss Shelbi Lavender @Shelbilavender:

There was a mud wrestling contest happening that night.  Tons of people all around and up struts this cupcake fat girl, she just wanted a chance to play.  Well the skinny hot mud wrestlers wouldn't have that so a fight broke out.  Fat cupcake chick was tossin skinnys all over the place then more skinnys started comin.  Cupcake fat chick was losing steam she had to get away, she started running.  The skinny chicks knew they couldn't take her down so one of the skinnys got in her honda minivan and before fat girl knew what was coming SPLAT!  She hit the minivan and dropped like a fly.  

Skinnys tied her up and sat on her while eating cupcakes!  it was sweet!


Runner up: @beerisgoodfood   :   

Never park next to the Immodium tour bus.

Since nobody came forward as the owner of the fabulous minivan, I decided to give out 2 $50 gift certificates. 

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And thanks to everybody for playing.