Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cleaver Madness

Holidays are tough for everyone . Sometimes it helps to let off a little steam when staring down the barrel of a ...gun I like to call "a visit from my parents", Ward and June. For those of you too young to get the reference-- these were the superstraight parents in the 50's show Leave it to Beaver. Hell no, I wasn't born in the fifties, but they ran reruns of that show forever. And, when you only have 8 channels to watch on TV as a kid, you'll watch just about anything. including fly fishing and Leave it To Beaver. 

I was hanging out Cleaver bashing with a couple of my Twitter friends, including the hysterical @croneandbearit and, well.. this is what happened. 

Disclaimer *no actual patrents were Cleavered in the ensuing tweets. 

@sueannesjewelry  Factoid: 4:00 is NOT too early to start drinking when June and Ward are visiting

@Croneandbearit: Make them Cleaverinis

@sueannejewelry ROTFL

@DietCokeLuvah : Cheers

@TheShoeDawg Wally, Beav, Eddie...it's happy hour 

@yaslani   Cosign that. I started 1hr ago

@heavywhisper  Ha! Hilarious. I think I know them

@Croneandbearit  u started my coughing fit w/June & Ward. I'm in hysterics over here. 

Croneandbearit   I'm goin' after some gin and goldfish; leave a tray and the Cleavers can fix their own...lol

@sueannesjewelry If June and Ward had a daughter, what would her name be?

@Croneandbearit Leaver

@Croneandbearit if she drinks it might be Heaver 

@sueannesjewelry wiping tears

@sueannesjewelry If she was slutty, *the skeeve* ?

@Croneandbearit don't start, I just lost a lung a moment ago

@Croneandbearit   Catch her at the window...*the peeve* #Cleaversdaughter

@sueannesjewelry bad day at the hair salon *the Weave* 

@Croneandbearit   If she wears hair extension from Jessica Simpson collection...*the weave* #Cleaversdaughter 

Croneandbearit    Yikes we are thinking too much alike there girl!

@sueannesjewelry  OH MY GAH! We had the same thought. #upyourmeds #now

Croneandbearit   If they always have to go get her...*Retrieve* #Cleaversdaughter 

@sueannesjewelry  Or.. If she dates dogs 

@sueannesjewelry  If she got busted for murder? *HideThe* #Cleaversdaughter 

@Croneandbearit  You're killin me #ineedmorebooze

@Croneandbearit   If she gets that stay of execution...*Reprieve* #Cleaversdaughter 

@sueannesjewelry   If not.. *Grieve*

@sueannesjewelry What if she IS a dog.. *Retriever* #Cleaversdaughter 

@sueannesjewelry   If she's a blonde, add *Golden* 

@Chasaveen: If she cheated on her spouse the Deceiver? 

@Croneandbearit   If she tp's the house *Mischiever* #Cleaversdaughter 

@Chasaveen If she loves The Monkees, *Imabeliever*? 

@Croneandbearit   wait if Kiefer Sutherland married into the family would he be Kiefer Cleaver?

@sueannesjewelry  *clapping hand to mouth*

@Chasaveen  If she gets Swine Flu *Fever* 

@Croneandbearit crosses legs to keep from peeing

@sueannesjewelry   (or.. If she's HOT! ) 

@Croneandbearit If she moves to Canada, *Beaver Minor* 

@sueannesjewelry Screech!!! A Canada joke! Helllppp! 

@sueannesjewelry  If she looks like Frankenstein, *pullthelever* #Cleaversdaughter

@sueannesjewelry if she's a carnivore *Meat* #Cleaversdaughter

@Croneandbearit  Heee hee hee 

@Croneandbearit   if she's a pothead.*Reefer* #Cleaversdaughter 

@Croneandbearit    if Morley Safer's daughter married the Beav, would she be Mrs. Beaver Safer-Cleaver?

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