Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Seven Deadly DM Sins

Twitter Sinners! Are you heading straight to Twitter haaiil in a DM handbasket? It's not too late to pull your shit together! Here are the Seven Deadly DM Sins:

Lust: Try not to say anything in a DM that you wouldn't actually say to someone's face. Note: If it wouldn't make a nun blush it's best to say it in public on the timeline. That said, over-doing it is a quick and easy way to get blocked. I said blush, not call 911. 

Gluttony: It's best to talk about pie and the best french onion soup you ever had in public. We can allll tell when you're not sharing. But you CAN show us a picture of the $700 Kooba bag your husband is not supposed to know about. That's cool. Wink.

Sloth: Jesus... would you put a clean shirt on? Don't make your public comments so obscure we have no idea what you are talking about. Clarify what you meant by your mysterious @ reply on the timeline in DM when asked... WHAT THE HELL DID THAT MEAN? 

Wrath: Oh...could you just be nice in your DMs... or F*ck off? That being said, it's perfectly acceptable for texting. : ) 

Greed: If we don't know you, why would we want to be in your mafia family or look at your potentially hacked sales link? Don't sell us unless you already know we want what you have. Make friends before sales. Shameless Plug: : my artisan jewelry site. 

Anger: telling somebody to f*ck off more than twice in a single DM is waaay over the top. Twice per 140 is the limit. And say it with a smile. : ) 

Pride: If you are lost, and you think we have the answer, (I usually do, DUH) ask for help in a DM. We are all helpful here. Just don't ask me personally to help you find your way out of the Mall. This I cannot do. 

Thank you to my friends @JesusWife and @DebbieDee5 for inspiring me to write this little DM Directory,  Love you guys. : ) 

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