Monday, December 28, 2009

10 Things You Can Say To Your 13-Year-Old Girl Without Receiving the Death Stare.

I remember being thirteen. And now... now I am living with that version of myself since September. It's scary. I'm here to help others who are in my predicament. Here. Are. Ten things you can say to your thirteen-year-old daughter without receiving the "go to Hell, Mom", death glare. This is all I have. If you think of any more, please let me know. 

1. Sure honey. You can take the credit card to the Mall. The one with no limit.

2. Of course we like your boyfriend. 

3. Can you ever really have too many safety pins in an outfit?

4. Yes, you may re-pierce your ears for the fourth time. 

5. No, there really is no reason to see the floor of your bedroom.

6. That's ok. Your hair is more important than being on time for school

7. That outfit is so creative. I love it.

8. Something that she can't hear because her ipod is too loud.

9. Yes. All nine of your friends can come over. 

10. Like, oh, my God? You're so right