Friday, January 8, 2010

It's None of My Boobness

I'm tired of women using their boobs to draw attention to themselves. I recently unfollowed two women whom I followed peacefully on Twitter without incident until they decided they needed to change their avatars to boob shots. Just boobs. Boobs in a tight shirt. No face. Juuuust the boobs.

What is THAAAT? I DMed one of my BFFs. Who needs attention that much? It's not like they're hookers. I don't follow hookers. It's exasperating. I think she told me "I know, I saw that- just unfollow the whores". So I did. 

Oh, and before you think this is some flat-chested non-boober going on a jealous rant, think again. I'm stacked. Always have been, always will be. Lots of women are, sometimes over-stacked. In fact, I'm writing a post for my new style blog which will probably be entitled "What About My Boobs?" because I got some input about a recent post. Women need advice on how to dress around their boobs and work the jewelry with them. I'm on it. And I have no problem with this. I'm sure it can be done tastefully.

But unless you're a plastic surgeon? Give us all a break? If you're not for sale? Have a little class and self-respect. Put away the boobs. I already know what they look like. And I don't need four. 

Addendum: "What about my Boobs?" post is now live at